How often should you screen our Team?  Initial screening versus annual screening has been a question raised by many small businesses and start-ups.  This question should be answered when you first set up your company screening program within your specific industry.

Some regulated industries such as healthcare, financial, and some domestic require annual background checks for the length of employment.  Other industries conduct an initial background screening only at time of hire or not at all.  Still other non-regulated businesses conduct an initial background check upon hire and again with promotions, department changes or vehicle privileges creating an active, real time screening program versus a one and done stagnant program. This type of active screening program involves the initial screening and updated data moving forward with your employee.  A program far better than no background check or a 10-year-old background check on your employee.

Still don’t know which program is right for you and your business?  Contact us for a free program assessment of your current provider or to set up your compliant active screening program.

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