Quick App

Data Disclosure Services is proud to carry the Quick App search processing program.  A program which saves you entry and uploading time.  Saving time equals saving money, which is a GOOD thing.  The fact that the Quick App is free to add and use in your in-house screening program makes it GREAT!

The process works like this:  From the order page one click initiates an email to the applicant.  The applicant receives the email invite which takes them to a section of the website where they complete the application questionnaire.  During this stage of the process they are provided with a copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), notifying them of their privacy rights.  The applicant then reads and electronically signs a Disclosure and Release form in which they agree to the screening process.  They also have the option of printing out the form, signing it and mailing it in.

Electronically signing the agreement sends them to forms where they can briefly fill in and confirm identification and residency information.  Once they have completed this, they have the opportunity to print the entire questionnaire or save it as a PDF for their records.

The search process automatically launches and you will be notified via email that all is complete and to order the search.  Click the order button and the search is conducted.  You receive another email notifying you of the Quick App process completion and search results.  And all necessary paperwork to comply with privacy rules and regulation have been safely stored on the secure screening site, no more scanning, pasting or coping.  A huge convenience for busy applicants and tenants that are on the go and have little time for paperwork!  And a huge savings for our clients on data entry and processing!